5 Must-Have’s to Bring to Your Birth

Village BirthUncategorized5 Must-Have’s to Bring to Your Birth

These are five labor essentials to pack in your birth bag or have in your home for early labor or if you are planning a home birth.

When is comes to labor essentials, keep in mind that you don’t want to carry too much coming into the hospital. Most likely, you will be in active labor and not wanting the extra baggage. The good news is that these tools are small and travel well. These 5 tools are so effective in making your birth more comfortable and easier.

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birth bag

Water with a Straw. Hydration is so important during birth. It allows your uterus to function optimally and it’s soothes a dry throat from deep breathing and good vocalization. We like a big tumbler and a straw, so sipping is easy and available between every contraction.

childbirth tool

A Heating Pad. A little bit of heat can help you relax and increase mobility. Use a heating pad on your lower back if it’s sore from your pelvis opening and making room for baby. You may also try it on your pubic bone if you’re experiencing pressure. This is particularly true if you’ve experienced symphysis pubis dysfunction in pregnancy.

childbirth comfort measure

A Comb for Acupressure. There are several acupressure points that ground and provide pain relief. While you can have a partner perform the acupressure, squeezing a comb is a great way to get deep into Li4 in your palm.

birth massage

Massage Tool. A four or five-pronged massage tool is a beautiful way to enhance massage in labor. A focus on the sacrum and hips is where it will be most effective, but it can be used all over the back. This vibrating massager feels amazing, and you can use it in conjunction with the double hip squeezing. Definitely get two!

birth lighting

Galaxy Projector. Transform your hospital room into a dreamy, relaxing sanctuary. Twinkle lights are wonderful, as well, but the galaxy projector is easier to set up and more impactful. An added bonus of this labor essential: Anyone who walks in is instantly calm and a little softer.

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