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Village Birth has a long history of supporting new and expecting families throughout Los Angeles. Born as Two Doulas Birth in 2012, we began by creating a childbirth education class with the information, tools, and techniques we found that were helpful for our clients. As working doulas with our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the Los Angeles birth world, we’ve always had a unique and privileged perspective to offer all of our students and clients.

Over the years we’ve added new educators and expanded our network, our offerings, and our footprint – opening up a space of our own in Eagle Rock. The opportunity to have our own space – to hold space – for all people on their unique journeys into parenthood is something we are thrilled to bring to the community.

Our mission is to bring parents and birth workers together for community, education and joy, so that all stories and experiences can be revered. Birth is a rite of passage that should be honored and celebrated in the many ways that it unfolds. Our dream is that every parent feels autonomy and empowerment during this transition.

We are not meant to navigate this wild ride alone. It takes a village. We are honored to welcome you into ours!

Our Team

Sara Hoke

Sara Hoke is a DTI trained birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and the owner Village Birth. More recently she trained under Haize Hawke to deepen her knowledge of birth and doula skills. Sara is passionate about empowering birthing people, helping them navigate pregnancy, and finding what they truly need to feel safe giving birth. She offers firm touch, soothing words and the space to be yourself. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Sara now lives in Northeast LA with her husband and two children.


Megan Chadwick

Megan is a DTI certified birth and postpartum doula, a Cornerstone Doulas trained childbirth educator, and co-founder of Village Birth. Megan is in awe of the limitless resilience that is born of our most transformative moments (pregnancy! labor!), and our ever-widening capacity for love (parenthood!)

She excels at hosting kitchen dance parties for two and singing into anything that can double as a mic, and enjoys filling an un-scheduled afternoon with a good book, a Netflix marathon, or time with friends. Megan lives with her husband Elliott and their 95lb furry child, Apollo, in Pasadena.


Christine Lucciola

Christine is a DONA trained birth doula, a birth and newborn photographer, an ICEA trained childbirth educator, and co-founder of Village Birth. She has worked alongside new and growing families for the past 15 years and believes that education and non-judgmental support are the keys to empowering birthing people and creating a generation of strong, confident families. She loves photography, plant-based cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. A Rhode Island native, Christine now lives in North Hollywood with her husband and two daughters, Maeve and Caiomhe.


Evonne Smith

Evonne Smith, IBCLC is a lactation consultant, newborn care specialist, postpartum doula and integrative sleep consultant. For more than 5 years she’s been supporting new parents with compassionate, practical solutions for all things baby care, feeding, and sleep. She believes we each have an internal compass to guide us on our journey into parenthood. She’s here to help you find and follow yours.


Lauren Archer

Lauren Archer is a thirty something mama to one Cub. Her offerings include postpartum doula, childbirth and postpartum educator, and lactation support. She brings non-judgemental and unbiased support to families of all shapes and sizes. She is passionate about spreading how important postpartum care is for every parent including families that grow via surrogacy and adoption and supports all families, regardless of race, religion, or the gender of their partner. She believes education equals empowerment. She never turns down the opportunity to chat with a parent, snuggle a baby, or eat a donut.

Instagram: @loveofalittlone

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