Village BirthCommunity

Village Birth believes that community is a vital part of wellness for growing families. We are passionate about non-judgmental camaraderie and helping you create the connections you need to feel supported.

Fourth Trimester Group

The Fourth Trimester Series is a support circle designed to help you navigate and celebrate the shift that comes from giving birth. We meet to enjoy healing foods, to learn, and to build a community.

The Specifics:

  • Designed for birthing people 0-12 weeks postpartum (we’ve had babes as young as 5 days join us!).
  • Education and discussion about everything from newborn care basics to breastfeeding support to babywearing.
  • Additional focus on the mental, emotional, and physical recovery of the birthing person.
  • Included in the support group is 4 weeks of email support, access to additional resources such as a pelvic floor specialist and chiropractor, and nourishing foods ideal for postpartum recovery shared during each session.

Every parent needs a village. Let this support group be a part of yours.

*This is 4 consecutive weeks of support and education. If you need to miss a session, one make up in another series is allowed.

$150 for the 4-week series

Upcoming Series Dates:
Thursdays, June 4-25: 10am – noon
To accommodate for social distancing, this series will take place outdoors on a private, shaded lawn. Please bring a towel to sit on and anything else you need for you and your babe to be comfortable.

Birthfit: Prenatal Series

Our prenatal workout class is a 4-week series geared towards all expecting people that are looking to strengthen their bodies and train for birth!
Get ready to sweat, move, and connect with other expecting people in the community!
This workout series is going to focus on strength and conditioning stryle workouts to prepare your mind and body for your desired birth experience. Learn intentional, safe, and functional movements to feel strong & healthy throughout your pregnancy!

Next OUTDOOR Series:
Mondays, July 6 – 27th @10am

*To accommodate for social distancing we will be hosting this class on a private, shaded lawn. Please bring a towel, yoga mat, water, and anything else you need to be comfortable.

Birth Fit: Postpartum Series

This series is designed for women that have had a baby in the past year and are ready to start healing their bodies through intentional breath work and movement. These classes start with intentional breath work and evolve into full body functional movements & workouts. You will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe, effective movements that transfer to any activity in our daily lives. Our top three words to describe this class would be BREATH, BODY, and FLOW.The goal is to heal a Diastasis Recti, re-establish proper pelvic floor function, strengthen your core, and address lower back pain. If you are dealing with any of these issues, this class is for you!

The class will be 60 minutes in length for four weeks in a row. You will be also be given movement homework to practice. So, come ready to move and connect! Non-mobile babies are welcome!

Next OUTDOOR Series:
Mondays, July 6 – 27th @11:30am

*To accommodate for social distancing we will be hosting this class on a private, shaded lawn. Please bring a towel, yoga mat, water, and anything else you need to be comfortable.

Village Babies

Ages 2 wks to 6 months

A come as you are gathering for parents (yes, partners too!) with babies ages 2 weeks to 6 months old. Build community and find support with other local parents as you navigate finding your new daily rhythms and branching back out into the world post baby. Each session will be led by an experienced doula and coffee and tea are always provided.  Drop-ins are always welcome to this event!

On Hiatus during Covid-19 closures

Babywearing Dance Party

Want a good workout and time to bond with your baby? Strap on your little one and have fun moving your body to feel good music! This beginner friendly dance class will incorporate basic movements from ballet, jazz, hip hop, and yoga, all able to be done while baby wearing. Bring your favorite baby wearing carrier, and enjoy the extra benefits of not only connecting to baby and other parents/caregivers, but also breaking a sweat from dancing with your little!

Wear something comfortable to move in and we will dance barefoot. Please use a supportive two strap carrier (no ring slings).

$20 drop in and discount packages available

Upcoming Dance Party Dates:
On Hiatus during Covid-19 Closures

Village Prenatals

A village pre-natal is a communal gathering that nourishes pregnant womyn – in mind, body, and soul – at any stage of gestation. Our 3-week series supports you in speaking words to power as you dive into your unique birth vision and build-up trust in yourself and your baby. Activities include grounding visualizations, bellymapping, bellyart, pampering, and portraits taken by our in-house photographer. And yes, there will be delicious snacks.

In community, those who have birthed before you share personal moments of strength, power, humor, realization, and joy, demonstrating the beauty inherent to birth in all its variation. Midwives, doulas, and health practitioners will be among our circle of attendants, holding space as you navigate your pregnancy and enter parenthood, whether for the first or fourth time.

Next Series:

Meet the Doula Event

Come meet some of our wonderful doulas! This casual (and free!) meet-n-greet is a fun way to understand more about the role of a doula and mingle with some of the best in the city!

We’ll start with some introductions, have a Q&A, and then you’ll have an opportunity to “speed date” with our doulas!

Reservations requested.

On Hiatus during Covid-19 Closures

Please join us at one of our free upcoming events.

Echo Park Mama Walk

This is an opportunity for pregnant and new moms to meet one another, build community, and receive feeding support from our team of educators. Please join us for some sunshine, camaraderie, and to test out that new carrier or stroller you have been too nervous to tackle.

Third Wednesday of each month
Location: Echo Park Lake (at Logan and Park Streets)

We will meet at Echo Park Lake at the picnic tables where Logan Street runs into Park Street. There is plenty of free parking on surrounding streets, and a pay lot located on Logan south of Sunset.

Echo Park lake is about 1 mile around. We will do a minimum of 1 lap, and more if mamas and babies feel up for it! After our lap(s) we will meet in the grass for snacks, feeding support, and camaraderie! There is a cafe on the path and plenty of bathrooms.

Rain = stay in bed
Dress code: unwashed hair and a t-shirt with day old spit up on it

Babies and Brews

With a beer in one hand and your baby in the other, gather with new and expecting fathers and partners to share experiences of becoming a parent and life with a baby.

This meetup gives you the opportunity to build your “friends with kids” community while giving your partner some time for themself. Bring your little one, that carrier you’ve been wanting to try, and remember to drink responsibly.

Day/Time/Location TBD