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A vital part of wellness for growing families.

Through our pregnancy circles and postpartum support groups, families establish lasting connections with people who get it.

Pregnancy Circle

breastfeeding support group

Breastfeeding Support Group

Postpartum Support Group

Led by Seasoned Doula and Mom

Motherhood Circle

Ritual and Support for New Moms

Outdoor Hang for Expecting and New Parents

moon circle setup with candles and altar

Release and Manifest with Ritual and Community

Village Birth is a place to meet new parents, connect with your transition into parenting, and find support in community. Our gatherings are an opportunity to feel less alone in your postpartum time and feel safe enough to ask for help as you grow further into parenthood.  Our Postpartum Support Group and Village Prenatal (Pregnancy Circles) are the core of our community gatherings, but our other offerings allow for you to grow and stay in touch with the Village Birth Community.

Some of our events are casual meetups, while others are more structured, led by a specialist who can help trouble shoot and answer questions. Our circles call in reverence for this beautiful rite of passage, so you may slow down and reflect. Most take place in our space in Pasadena, some at a residence, and others at parks and gardens throughout Northeast LA.


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