Fourth Trimester Plan

Village BirthFourth Trimester Plan

Fourth TrimesterAfter two babies, I learned that the postpartum time (aka the fourth trimester) requires just as much planning as the coveted “Birth Plan.” The secret to an easier fourth trimester is preparation (done prenatally) with your partner, particularly around expectations, your unique needs and support. While the tools and gadgets can go a long way in facilitating baby-care and healing (and we recommend our favorite items here, too), the real impact is around understanding the fundamental needs of this time and a little education. Have conversations are around logistics, connection, sleep, hormonal changes, healing and outside support.

Here is our Fourth Trimester Plan which we include in our Fourth Trimester Class. This facilitates the conversations that will help prepare your life for postpartum. It also has a list of tools that will make your postpartum time easier and more practical.

In lieu of attending our class, I recommend reading The First 40 Days or The Fourth Trimester to help educate you on the physical changes, emotions and “what to expect” of this time.

If you are looking for more opportunities to learn and connect with other new parents, we do just that at our space in Los Angeles. Join us to build community and take classes in newborn care, lactation, the fourth trimester and childbirth. We also offer support groups, meetups and yoga.