Healthy Postpartum Meal Delivery in Los Angeles

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Healthy Postpartum Meal Delivery in Los Angeles

A postpartum food delivery service may be the most impactful strategy to support your family in easing into parenthood. The “4th trimester” is a term that describes that delicate period after giving birth to a baby. Baby is still as dependent on you as they were in the womb and your body is not quite your own again. It can be physically and emotionally taxing on new mothers: Postpartum bleeding, swollen perineum, hemorrhoids, engorged breasts, and vaginal tears are some common symptoms in postpartum. Combine lack of sleep, navigating infant feeding, and hormonal changes, it is important to prioritize rest and healthy postpartum meals.

Eating a nutritious postpartum diet is paramount for recovery. Traditionally, it is recommended that new mothers consume warm, nutrient-packed, and easy-to-digest foods, such as soups, stews, and broths. These types of foods can help warm the body and jumpstart the digestive system, which usually slows down or shuts down during childbirth. 

To prepare for your new life with a baby, you may consider cooking a variety of postpartum meals using high-quality, whole-food ingredients. Freeze them, so they are ready to thaw or cook in the postpartum time. This can be a lifesaver during the first few days when exhaustion, and fatigue are common. Cooking a hot meal will be the last thing on your mind.

Best Meals to Prep for Postpartum:

  • Warm, soft, easy-to-digest
  • Clean, nutrient-dense
  • Soups, stews, porridge, broths, congee.  

Food to Avoid in Postpartum:

  • Cold, hard, dry, crunchy
  • Highly-processed, non-organic
  • Cold drinks/smoothies, chips, raw veggies

Filling a freezer full of meals ready to be dumped in a crockpot or thrown in an oven is a great way to be ready for this sacred time of rest, recovery, and baby bonding. But, for families who aren’t great at cooking, or don’t want the hassle, I recommend this postpartum meal delivery in Los Angeles: Mama Meals!

Mama Meals offers pre-made meals, based on traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles, infused with western philosophies to promote warmth, vitality, and healing through nutrition. 

Everything is pre-cooked, frozen, then delivered to your door. What I love about this healthy postpartum meal delivery in Los Angeles, is that it uses entirely organic ingredients and is convenient and affordable. You don’t need to fill the freezer prenatally. You simply order when you need it, heat and serve!

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