Village BirthMatrescence


Motherhood Circle

Matrescence refers to the physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mother.  A season of life when limits are tested and change is a constant, all wrapped up in the joy of raising tiny humans.

This time more than ever is one that should be shared. Join us in a monthly circle to listen, honor, support and meditate with other mothers.  Led by April Trettel, doula and therapist, each circle will focus on a dedicated theme and incorporate sharing, discussion, an exercise and guided meditation.

Unlike our Postpartum Support Group, this circle is designed for newish mothers (young children, under the age of 5) and open to all people who identify as mothers.

Format: A series of 3 monthly meetups. Each series starts at the top of the season (or quarter).

$150 per person per series

Spring Series:   6:30 PM
April 6 Identity: What has changed and what remains
May 11 Voicing your Needs
June 1 Honoring summer and the joy of motherhood


Summer Series:   6:30 PM
July 20: Letting Go of Control
Aug 24: Meaning Outside of Motherhood
Sep 14: Thanking Our Bodies