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Village BirthNavigating Newborn Sleep Class

 Infant Sleep Class

mom infant to sleep in bassinet. Newborn Sleep.

Learn everything you need know to get ready to support your infant’s sleep. We recommend taking this class prenatally, however, it is open to newly postpartum parents. Evonne Smith, Newborn Care Specialist and Lactation Consultant, will walk you through normal newborn sleep characteristics from 0-4 months, how to best support healthy sleep, and common sleep issues.

Topics Covered:

  • Safe sleep guidelines (AAP) & safer bed sharing
  • Wake windows
  • Overtiredness, what it means and what it looks like
  • Establishing nap and bedtime routines
  • 4 month “sleep regression”
  • Evonne’s sleep and soothing techniques
  • What to do when nothing works
    • Mental health support
    • Adjust expectations and/or approach
    • Underlying issues to explore

2-hour class, $125/couple*

Saturday, September 7: 1:00 PM

Bump Bundle – $750

Enter birth and parenthood with confidence and ease.

Four prenatal classes over the span of 14 hours and a postpartum support group:

Childbirth Class
Breast & Bottle Feeding Class
Newborn Care Class
Preparing for Fourth Trimester Class
Postpartum Support Group

$85 savings (10% off).  The Bundle is subject to all 4 classes being available and aligning with your due date, so please check the schedule before purchasing. Upon purchasing the bundle, a special code will be provided which you can use to register for your preferred dates. You can schedule your postpartum support group when you are ready after baby is born. Not applicable for Hypnobabies Childbirth Class or CPR. If you have any questions, please email

*Our community consists of many types of families. Not every partner is a dad. Not every couple is married. Some birthing people identify as nonbinary or male. We welcome mothers, fathers, partners, choice parents, single parents, and non-binary people. For single and choice parents, the pricing “per couple” remains the same. You are welcome to bring a support person to class if you’d like. Do what feels right!

**CANCELLATION POLICY: Bookings are non-refundable. If plans change, we are happy to move you to a future group class (notified at least 7 days prior to class) or apply your balance to a private session or postpartum support circles and workshops. Certain circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.