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Services at Village Birth

Village Birth is home to a group of trusted practitioners to supplement your prenatal and postpartum care. Pregnancy pain and discomfort is common with the changing body. Our resident therapists, practitioners, and specialists approach pregnancy pain and other symptoms collaboratively and holistically. 

These practitioners run their businesses from our shared space. Our priority is to create a cohesive and supportive experience from pregnancy to birth and beyond, so we have put together a crew of diverse therapies to tackle the various symptoms of this physical and emotional transformation. 

Evonne Smith, IBCLC

Evonne Smith

Lactation Consulting

Evonne Smith, IBCLC is a lactation consultant, newborn care specialist, intuitive healer and integrative sleep consultant. For more than 5 years she’s been supporting new parents with compassionate, practical solutions for all things baby care, feeding, and sleep.

Picture of Kristina from Somata

Kristina Dahlin


Kristina of Somata is a godsend for pregnancy pain and postpartum recovery. By working with fascia, ligaments, joints and shifting bones, Kristina is equipped to help realign the female pelvis and bring comfort to the pregnant and postpartum body.

Picture of Alissa Kate, CMT

Alissa Kate


Alissa supports clients with prenatal, postpartum massage, and deep tissue massage. She sees clients in the space at Village Birth on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and offers home visits!

Alissa’s Website

Jenny 2

Dr. Jenny Stofer

Chiropractic Care

Through chiropractic adjustments and the Webster technique, Dr. Jenny helps ease pregnancy discomfort and optimizes baby’s position in pelvis for birth. She also provides trauma-informed womb healing massage (Mercier Therapy) to help with postpartum healing as well as promoting fertility and conception.


Lindsay Brunner

Physical Therapy

Lindsay provides physical therapy, fitness, and wellness services, with an emphasis on pelvic floor PT and prenatal and postpartum care. She takes an integrative and holistic approach to physical therapy and fitness, with assessment and treatment of the whole system.

Photo of Dr. Lauren Cook sitting on a bench

Dr. Lauren Cook


Dr. Lauren Cook is a clinical psychologist who is here to give you heart through the hardships. Whether you’ve gone through infertility struggles, you’re navigating anxiety throughout the parenting journey, or your relationship is evolving in new ways, this is a safe space to process and grow.


Laura Derr, Acupuncturist

Laura Derr


Laura is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Reiki practitioner and nutritional therapist specializing in stress-management, hormone balancing, pregnancy pain relief, and postpartum support. She is passionate about sharing with her patients the ways in which the fundamental principles of acupuncture and herbal medicine honor and support our many life phases and seasons.